Your review e-book is just a few steps away!

To access your review e-book, you need an Adobe account. If you have one, click “GOT ID!”. If not, click the “NEED ID?” button below and follow the steps needed to create one. Once you’re done, come back to this page and click “GOT ID!”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need?
  • All users must create an Adobe account
  • Mobile users must download the Bluefire Reader (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Desktop users must download Adobe Digital Editions and use an Adobe Digital Editions authorized device e-Reader.
Great! How do I get my e-Book?

If you have an iPhone/iPad/Android:

  • Visit on your device
  • Download Bluefire Reader
  • Sign in with your Adobe account on the Bluefire Reader. If you need an Adobe account, please click here and follow the steps to create one.
  • Enter your code
  • Download the e-book
  • Open the e-book in the Bluefire Reader

If you have an Adobe Digital Editions authorized device:

  • Visit on your computer
  • Get an Adobe account. If you need an Adobe account, please click here and follow the steps to create one.
  • Download Adobe Digital Editions
  • Authorize your Adobe account on Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Download the e-book
  • Open the e-book in Adobe Digital Editions
  • Connect your e-Reader to your computer
  • Drag and drop e-book file onto e-Reader using Adobe Digital Editions
  • Disconnect e-Reader
I’m having trouble. What do I do?
There are a couple different reasons why you may be having issues. Please go through the following questions:
  • Did you link your Bluefire Reader app to your Adobe account?
  • Did you download the Bluefire Reader app on your device?
  • Do you have a QR scanner application?
  • Is the Adobe account linked to your Adobe Digital Editions the same as the one associated to your device?
  • Did you activate more than 6 devices to your Adobe account?
  • Android devices: Did you try to download and select another browser (e.g. Opera) to open the QR code or email URL link?
  • If you are still experiencing issues, please contact
What devices are supported?
We support most eReaders with the exception of the Kindle e-Ink devices since they use a non-standard Amazon DRM proprietary format.
Can I reuse my promo code?
No. All promo codes provided are unique and can only be used once.
Can I use a different reader than the Bluefire Reader?
We strongly encourage using the Bluefire reader app (available on iOS and Android), since it supports the type of file we are using. You may experience some technical difficulties using a different reader application.